The delivery program is our angel in logistic hell


The delivery program is our angel in logistic hell

Our company delivers sparkling drinks from the manufacturer to the regions. Our clients are both large trade chains and small retail outlets. The key task of our company – to make deliveries of parts to customers on time, otherwise you can get penalties from contractors or even lose cooperation. There is a very high competition on the distribution market. If once the reputation suffers – the counteragents will quickly move to the competitors.

The problem is that it is very difficult to keep your hand on the pulse of requests from customers, do not forget about small outlets (gas stations, booths), because often you need unplanned deliveries, formed an abnormal, cars do not have time to deliver products, drivers do not cope.

The delivery program remembers all customers

Distributor work begins with the organization of competent and effective logistics, which will be built on the basis of priorities among many different points of sale. But each new customer is a new logistics route. And if the delivery system is organized in the old way, in a notebook or Exel table, then very quickly comes the logistics hell.

We have solved all these problems with the help of a high-quality automated product – the program of the organization of delivery YaСu. It allows not only to distribute a lot of addresses on routes, but also to place the order of delivery in the mobile application once on the drivers. For this purpose it is enough to establish it at all drivers of the delivery department, and logistics becomes transparent and effective. And if in addition to the delivery program the driver of the car is equipped with GPS/Glonass trackers, the movement of goods can be monitored in real time. You can also get the track from the application, but drivers like to periodically turn it off or tell stories about the lack of network.

As a result:

1. We have reduced the time of route planning to 15 minutes instead of several hours, in general 600 addresses for 30 cars the program counts a couple of minutes, but it is necessary to recheck and correct something;

2. The total mileage per day (from 1500km to 1200km) has decreased by about 20%, although no points have been added. And there are 3-4 fewer cars on the line, due to the optimal route;

3.Since the driver in the application puts the status on each delivery point and they are always visible on the map, we introduced the motivation for speed.

4. Working not only with our own transport, but also with involved vehicles, we can easily display the piritization by machines and by car type (so that 18 tons does not go to the center).

Cargo Management Program for Regional Distributors

The YaCu program is excellent for long-distance delivery, we have moved our transport contractors to full-track and every bid, drive through an auction and again began to save on freight. It is indispensable for couriers, logisticians, freight forwarders, as it is a convenient solution for logistics of cargo transportation with wide functionality. To make sure of this and the effectiveness of the delivery program, you can register on the site and start using immediately, although they have direct integration with 1c, we have so far made upload addresses under their exel template and it did not cost us a penny. And for the program itself we pay 21 thousand of rubles it is in 20 times less, than we began to save.