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Delivery service YaCu

Allows you to quickly find a contactor for any type of delivery

The contractor’s delivery time-20 min
You’re in charge of setting a delivery price
Track a courier via maps
Shipment is available from 70 cities
Suggest any assignments in comments
СRM integration via API*
If you need to deliver flowers or a gift, courier services are required, you need to ensure the timely delivery of important documents or cargo in Kaliningrad or to another city in Russia, the Yakuyer delivery service will help you solve this problem. We offer you a convenient and modern service order courier services. You do not need to call anywhere in advance and wait for a free courier for a long time - we assign the performer in 20 minutes. Contact us if you need shipping:
  • food from a cafe or restaurant, flowers or goods from the store;
  • documents on Kaliningrad, and also on cities of Russia;
  • by courier.
If you are planning to move from an apartment or office, or you need to transport bulky cargo, you can call a cargo taxi, and the delivery service Yakuyer will pick up the car with the most suitable type of loading for you.

How does the courier service Yacurier

It is very easy to order the Yakuyer delivery service: you need to download the application for iOS or Android devices, fill out the order form, specify the price you are willing to pay for the courier services and wait a little bit - Yakurier courier service will automatically select the nearest free courier. You can also place an order on our website by logging into your personal account, and if you have any questions, please call +7 (4012) 337-446 and express delivery operators Yakuyer will answer all your questions. After the courier has been appointed, an electronic invoice will be sent to you via express delivery, which you can pay by card or cash. Do not worry about the safety of the goods - the estimated cost that you charge while filling out the form is your insurance, in addition, courier movements around the city can be tracked on the map. You can use one-time courier services, choose a personal courier or arrange routing delivery, and also order cargo taxi services in Kaliningrad and Russia.

Advantages of Courier Service

Courier express delivery service YCourier delivers correspondence in the city within an hour, while other courier services during the next day, while we have a lower price tag for courier services by about 30% than the average in the city. Also, the advantages of the courier service Yakuyer include:
  • quick selection of couriers - the average time of submission of the performer is 20 minutes;
  • delivery of goods from 1 kilogram to 20 tons;
  • the variability of ways to place an order;
  • courier movement around the city can be tracked on the map in real time;
  • cargo taxi services;
  • the ability to design a multi-stage task - you can add comments where and what to pick up, and where and when to deliver it;
  • customs clearance;
  • CRM integration via API is available;
  • Courier service YaCu works in more than 70 cities.
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Is anyone leaving for NY? The papers must be transmitted urgently. I can meet you at the airport
Pizza and sushi delivery to two addresses, payment in cash right after the delivery
Household appliances shipment, 10 addresses. The bus is required. All the papers are on the first point
Our goods must be delivered to 30 shops. A full-time job
A delivery man must collect a bouquet no more than an hour till the delivery and no longer than 30 minutes. ( depending on traffic and location of the address). Flowers are bound to be delivered by car
A cake must be delivered to the children’s room by 5 p.m.

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The founder of the project Robert Gasparyan

The express delivery market has been longing for a solution that is similar to outsourcing courier services, which at the same time would be convenient, reliable and safe for all parties. Its total amount is 55 billion a year and the sector is constantly growing due to the Internet commerce development .It’s one of the most leading services, regardless of the season! Such a proposal simply did not exist before.

A transportation company GR-Logistics found this solution and proposed a unique hi-tech project for the market- Yacurier!

GR-Logistics is a 3pl-operator with a ten-year experience in international logistics and assembled cargo shipment all over Russia. We have our own car fleet, warehouse complex and provide a range of services: of processing and responsible storing to the customs clearance of goods. Company Yacurier is a finalist of programs for startups IIDF and National awards -”Business-success”.

We created a platform where you can find not only contractors for any type of delivery, but also we did a mechanism, which enables to form and optimize a route delivery. Therefore it increases the efficiency of any delivery department, ranging from restaurants, pizza delivery or distribution.

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