Our technical excellence!

  • We work on our maps, we can place and save objects on them for further informing of the drivers
  • Speed of a route planning is 2 minutes (1000 addresses / 60 vehicles)
  • If there are more addresses than vehicles, the system will distribute them to phantom vehicles (created on the basis of respective vehicle sizes)
  • For the calculation we use: weight, capacity, timeframe for a planned delivery and type of a vehicle, city / region mode
  • With us not only can you distribute multiple addresses along routes, but also create one-time requests for your staff drivers.

Order distribution scenarios:

  • Only your drivers see the order, the performers themselves decide who is in a position at that moment to take the order
  • The system will automatically assign the order to the nearest suitable performer
  • Rating system allows to show / assign an order to the best performers

We are a hybrid model!

  • We have combined the Uber system for courier and cargo delivery with the platform managing rolling stock of a company
  • If something happened to a car or to a driver, any other verified user in one click can deliver your order. It can be both cargo and courier delivery.
  • You can work with both your staff drivers and outsourced drivers
  • Phantom orders can be taken by your staff vehicles or by all the performers registered in the system

For the client

  • Your clients can create applications, and you will appoint the right driver in your personal account. Everyone will see the route and location on the map
  • End-to-end chat for each application (customer-dispatcher-driver)
  • Photographic evidence for each application
  • Flexible SMS setting at each stage of delivery
  • You can bind the GPS / GLONAS tracker to the system or reconnect the existing one; Then you will have a complete monitoring system. We also have Flitboard integration.

For the performer

  • All information in one application - contacts, comments, addresses, route on the map
  • Push notifications about any change in the order
  • Call from the application by clicking on the contact in the application
  • Navigator - finds the best route by passing traffic jams
  • Integration with online cash registers

For the warehouse

  • Automatic creation of QR codes in the application and assignment to the driver, can serve as a pass to the checkpoint and automatic entry of data on the load from the weight control
  • Temporary loading slots - the driver in real time selects a free loading slot


  • Open API allows you to integrate with any system
  • 1c-ready module for importing and exporting all data
  • Mass creation of travel documents
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Examples of the requests for integration



To automate all logistic processes and minimize two main problems: route optimization and closing of requests during peak hours. Delivery of orders in the city. A pool of orders will be distributed across the RC based on the area. Each RC, through integration, loads the addresses into the YaCu system. The system will automatically distribute between the staff vehicles based on the weight and time window when the order must be delivered to the customer. And for each vehicle the system finds the best route. After the distribution, the drivers see the finished route with all the contact details in their application. And the operator sees the movement of the driver within the route. For each route a vehicle travel document is formed and printed. When changing the status of the order in the application for "completed" in their crm is held for sale. It is possible to connect online cash registers.

If there are more order than vehicles, the system forms a section of goods as for the vehicle of a popular size. Then the order goes to all verified performers. The order will be assigned to the nearest 'free' vehicle. YaCu will bear all legal and financial resposibility.

Russian vertically integrated steel and mining company.


To establish interaction between all participants of the delivery process. The plant creates a request for delivery. According to a previously created algorithm, one or another transport company sees this application in the YaCu dashboard and assigns its driver (the driver and car must be added beforehand).

Through the application the driver selects a time slot when he arrives for loading. A QR code is automatically generated in the application of the courier, it srrves as a pass to the checkpoint and by scanning it the information is entered from the scales. All information is uploaded to the application. Tracking the movement of the driver at all stages of delivery. End-to-end chat on each application allows you to communicate to the factory-TC-driver. It is also possible to upload photos through the driver's application.

Transport department with 160 trucks.


Monitoring of company's own transport in one platform with the possibility of assigning applications to the driver. The condition of the route should take into account arrivals at certain gas stations with fixing the amount of fuel filled. If refueling does not occur, a notification is sent to the operator. A part of the fleet is connected to the FleetBoard system, we are transmitting data to the YaCu system. We put our trackers on the other cars.

We get:
  • tracking your own fleet
    in one platform
  • control over amount of refueling and
    fueling at certain gas stations
  • Fleetboard functionality in YaCu service
  • control of a vehicle travel on a certain route
  • assign applications for drivers
  • control of work and rest schedule