We Have 'Uberized'

The Courier and Cargo Service


YaCu is a delivery aggregator for couriers and vehicles owners (vehicles up to 5 tons). We are a company with a 15 year expertise in the delivery of cargos and goods by all transport means.

YaCu is an innovative project of a company named 'GR Logistics' which is an actively developing 3pl operator with its own fleet providing delivery services across Russia and Europe. The company has its own warehouse complex and provides a full range of services: processing, safekeeping, customs clearance of cargos. Thanks to our logistics experience we have developed a mobile app.

YaCu is a solution which helps a customer to do delivery 40% cheaper and faster than all competitors. The mobile app is a useful tool for serving this purpose!

Achieve your goals
  • A three-month plan
  • weekly traction meetings
  • operating on HADI cycles
A complete operating IT solution
Mobile apps for clients and couriers on Android and iOS
Minimum investment in this field
Not many employees are required, everything’s automated
You can get started the next day after signing of the contract
A wide range of application: not only courier but also cargo delivery, up to 5 tons
Profit from 100 thousand rubles in only 5 months
How it works

All work is done through the mobile app. The functionality of the application is developed in two solutions: separately for customers and couriers. Anyone who installs the respective application for couriers can become a courier. The client places an order for delivery via a mobile application, website or by phone and indicates the time and location for delivery. The order will immediately be seen by the couriers in applications on their phones. They confirm the request, the client receives an alert with the name of the courier and his phone number. The time of the whole process of appointment of a courier is from 5 to 20 minutes.

YaCu benefits:
  • User-friendly functional apps for clients and couriers with a possibility to instantly see the route on the map;
  • The time of courier's appointment is from 5 to 20 minutes;
  • The driver’s movement can be tracked on the map;
  • Contractors work not in the company’s staff;
  • Client assigns the cost of the delivery by himself;
Everyone who does not have a delivery load sufficient for employment of a staff courrier or, vice versa, when the delivery load is substantial with heavy peak loads and, as a result, there is a necessity of contractors:
  • Restaurants with food delivery;
  • Online shops;
  • Retailers selling flowers, ballons, cakes;
  • Companies that require delivery of documents (invoices, acts, etc.);
  • Hardware stores
Build a profitable and successful business with an income starting from 100,000 rubles per month! Download presentation
logistic solution

In addition, the franchisee also receives the right to sell the software package to restaurants, courier services and other companies that have a delivery department as a convenient logistic solution. And this is the second source of profit from the franchise!

Their possibilities:
  • Monitor staff cars in real time on the map without extra costs;
  • Create single shipment requests and appoint staff workers who will be able to see all the route information, contact details in their app Android, IOS;
  • Create route requests: the system will automatically allocate them between staff members, depending on weight, capacity and time interval within which the goods must be delivered to the client;
the stages
Partner's questionnaire form approval
The contact signing within 3 days
Creating a personal profile of the city and staff lasts 2 days
Getting started
providing some numbers
of the carfleet
Where to start from?

A city with a population of 300 thousand people, registered company (LLC/Corp/etc), an office, at least two employees. After the interview and having filled out the questionnaire and approval, you can begin to work with the customers the following day.

Partnership terms
  • investment of 450 thousand rubles (office, equipment, marketing);
  • 3,5 % royalty rate.
  • lump fee from 100 thousand rubles
What will you get?
  • Access to proprietary erp system;
  • Training at the head office;
  • Marketing support;
  • Centralized advertising support;
  • Robust business-processes
  • profit starting from 100 thousand roubles in 5 months.
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