Comprehensive service for your online store

Our services

  • Billing for 1m3
  • Acceptance / Picking / Packaging
  • Bar coding
Delivery to the customer
Delivery to the customer
  • Day to day
  • Delivery to any city
  • 24/7 delivery
Cash Service
Cash Service
  • Commission for the transfer of NP paying in cash - 1.2%
  • Commission for the transfer of NP paying with a card - 1.8%
Unified Logistics Platform
Unified Logistics Platform
  • Personal Area
  • Mobile app
  • API
  • Integration with your CRM and CMS

Logistics platform

A single window in which you can manage all the processes of the warehouse and delivery

  • Add and control stock items
  • Create one-time delivery requests and track the movement of the courier on the map
  • All financial reports by service
  • The platform can work with your warehouse, and our algorithm will distribute addresses between machines and build an optimal route for each
  • Any integration and customization


We provide a complete warehouse service.
This allows you to engage in sales only.

  • Responsible storage from 1m3
    from 19r.
  • Order picking, packaging, sticker
  • Bar coding
    from 2r.
  • Description and shooting of your goods
  • Video recording of all acceptance and picking processes

Express delivery

Our hybrid model, which on the one hand works as a classic courier service, and on the other, according to the Uber principle, allows you to make urgent deliveries day to day for both individuals and legal entities.

  • Day to day / next delivery
    350 rub. / 250 rub.
  • Delivery by unmanned vehicle
    100 rub.
  • Settlement and cash services cash / card
  • Trying and free
  • Courier can be tracked
    on the map
  • Delivery throughout
    Of Russia
  • Full material
    a responsibility
  • SMS and e-mail
  • Recording courier conversations
    with your customers
  • End-to-end chat
    by courier


  • Nice rates Nice rates

    Our own fleet of vehicles and a developed network of partners allow us to provide, perhaps, the lowest prices that you have seen, and for regular customers a discount system is provided.

  • More than 12 years in the market More than 12 years in the market

    Logservice has been delivering for over 12 years. During this time, we not only traveled Russia far and wide, but also found out the simplest and fastest routes.

  • Service is our everything Service is our everything

    We understand how many companies you can contact within five minutes. That's why one of our main differences is service. So that you do not want to look for another carrier company.

  • Cargo tracking Cargo tracking

    You yourself can find out reliable information about the location of your shipment from our daily morning reports.

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