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Get knowledge in logistics without leaving home in 5 days with guaranteed employment for a salary of 70tr

A course on transport logistics in understandable language - a 5-hour session on a special method, after which you leave with a specific result on hand, as well as new skills that you can apply right on the platform.

Cases and reviews

Maxim. An experienced non-logistics sales manager who has decided to change his business to forwarding.

"gun course!
I have never contacted logistics before, I have always worked in sales, I decided to change my occupation and try something new, my communication turned out to be pretty good, but the result for the first month upset me 14000 rubles when I earned 60+
The company did not provide proper training, they said sit down and call. I decided to look for courses related to this direction. after several hours of searching, I chose several options, stopped at the course of Gasparyan R.G. attracted the affordable price of 6000 rubles, there is a lot of information and there is a lot to learn (how to communicate with clients, what to them and how to say, how to properly maintain all this pile of documents and what documents are required for different the direction of transportation, in general, I can write for a long time, etc.) after completing the course, I realized what I was doing wrong, by trial and error I came out in 2 months for 35000r, I realized that you can earn in this area and most importantly HOW to earn! so I stayed to work as a customer acquisition manager with a salary that is not a shame to look at)))

of the pros: easy material supply, easy and understandable, the main thing to use in practice, it fits better, not expensive

of the minuses: in vain I took a basic one, I had to take an extended course right away "

Anna. A beginner specialist in the field of logistics, after university.

I would like to thank the creator of the course for the excellent material received as a result of the course. After university, I got a job in a transport company. It was difficult to delve into the work process due to the lack of theoretical knowledge. The volume and pace of work is great, it's hard to grasp everything on the fly. My experienced colleagues advised to take the training course "Logistics profession" Robert Gasparyan. And I want to say that I have never regretted that I listened to their advice. I liked the course very much: in addition to repeating the theoretical foundations, I was able to learn many practical skills for myself. Another huge plus is that the course can be taken remotely, thereby saving your time. Now at work I feel much more confident, I can solve many issues on my own.

Vitaly. A beginner specialist in the field of urban and warehouse logistics, after graduating from the university.

After graduation, it was difficult for me to find a job without practical knowledge of logistics. Robert Gasparyan's course helped me gain practical experience in transport logistics and warehouse. After completing this course, I learned: to plan routes for deliveries around the city, I understood how to rationally distribute the cargo in the warehouse in order to maximize the use of the useful storage area in the work, draw up and understand contracts related to transportation. I found out what accompanying documents are required for transportation. This course includes many different cases that clearly show how to act in different situations, which helps to reduce the number of mistakes in the work of a logistician. Upon completion of the course, I successfully passed the knowledge test for each module. A week later, I got the position of logistics manager at one of the largest companies in Russia. Every day I use the gained practical experience in my work as a logistician.

Nikolay. Head of the TC branch. There is no time to train new employees and at the same time there is a task to quickly introduce them into the workflow.

"Robert, hello. I promised a tip for your course, I'm writing.
Briefly so. With a sharp increase in freight traffic, there was a need to hire and train new employees. The budget and practical experience allowed hiring beginners. We selected university graduates. All with good education and potential. And at the same time, no experience at all.
Even with experienced staff, who usually act as mentors for "newbies", time for training
did not have.
I learned through my friends about the course of Robert Gasparyan, director of Yakurer. We repeatedly worked with him on cargo transportation, as partners, so I was sure that the person had checked in practice what he would talk about. I don't take my word for it, so I took the course first, checked it myself. Despite my many years of experience in logistics, I found many important / new cases. It can be seen that it was not just a theoretician from the office who wrote, but a practitioner. I also liked that at the same time, everything is based on a fairly strong theoretical basis.
The beginners went through the course and adapted very quickly, quickly got involved in solving the assigned tasks.
As a result, experienced employees are busy with their work, newcomers are busy with theirs, the volume is processed, tasks are completed, profits are growing.

How is the training going

  • Register in your personal account

  • Watch video lessons, take tests for each block, apply the knowledge gained right on the platform.

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No. 1 Basic

For whom

  • For beginners who just want to become a logistician and earn from 70t.r.
  • For companies that need to quickly introduce an employee to the course of work.

Course program

  • What is forwarding
  • Types of cars and how they are applied
  • Application for transportation, what to look for
  • Accompanying documents for the cargo
  • International transportation
  • Groupage cargo transportation
  • Accounting for payments and control of debts

Additional material

  • Knowledge test for each module
  • Examples of applications and contracts
  • Job instructions


Gain basic knowledge in logistics that can be applied immediately. Toolkit will help prevent mistakes. Checklist for each stage of transportation.

Price RUB 10,000

RUB 6,000 -40%

No. 2 Advanced:

Delivery process automation and cost reduction

For whom

  • For logisticians with experience from 3 years
  • For business owners
  • For directors of the logistics department

Course program

  • How to reduce fleet downtime
  • Software solutions for optimizing route delivery
  • Driver control points. Through instructions and in real time
  • Reduction of empty runs by 20%

Additional material

  • Increase customer loyalty via SMS with driver tracker
  • Dashboards for quick reaction to situations


Learn to automate all stages of transportation, You can reduce the costs of maintaining a vehicle fleet by 30%

Price RUB 24,000

12,000 rubles -50%


We will personally guide you from 0 to the first dispatch

For whom

  • For everyone who starts working with marketplaces

Course program

  • Creation of a personal account
  • Creation of product cards, filling in specifications, uploading photos and videos. Pricing, order loading, delivery registration.
  • Generate barcodes and convert them to barcodes. Choice of delivery type: Mix, Mono, pallet
  • Order fulfillment, which is cheaper than your own warehouse or outsourcing

Additional material

  • Analysis of reporting and analytics
  • Advertising, promotions, discounts, promotional codes
  • Escort, we do everything for the client (for an additional fee)


We will bring you to the first dispatch in 3 hours. We work together with the client remotely via Team Viewer. As a result - acceptance of goods by the warehouse without depersonalization


RUB 10,000 Hit

Additional materials studied in training

  • Video tutorial from an expert

  • Checklist for all stages of transportation

  • Workbook with templates and examples of filling

Course author Gasparyan Robert

10 years of experience in logistics

Platform founder YaCu

Hello Friend! My name is Robert. I graduated from the Faculty of Transport Organization and Transport Management. After graduation, I bought a BU Nokia and an MFP and began to forward to my parents’ apartment. After 2 years, I bought the first Nissan Atleon truck, a year later I took out a loan and bought Atego 1218 and two Man 12.240 with trailers. And since the main problem in this business is the drivers, and the loan has to be paid, I had to pass the license myself and start long-range shooting. I have traveled almost all over Europe and central Russia; tied up the axles of a trailer whose stepladder was ripped off, in the middle of a field at – 20 C, on the road where cars pass

at best, once an hour; manually changed wheels on a 40-ton truck,
in which one wheel weighs about 60 kg; I danced with a tambourine by the fire for two days, when the car’s diesel fuel froze and I had to melt the main fuel units with an open fire (!), put “copies” in the passport at the borders, etc.

Now we are forwarding a lot, we have a representative office of the company “Glavdostavka” in Kaliningrad and our own fleet of almost 20 cars, and for more than 3 years we have been developing a cloud platform for an integrated solution of logistics problems. Yes, we are not the biggest, but we have a large, down-to-earth experience and strong it-competence, which I would like
to share with you.

Logistics is a world of kindness.

We participated


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