Courier delivery program from beads to fabric rolls

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I have an online handmade shop. It seems that the matter is only developing, there are a lot of orders, but there are already problems. In addition to the main task – the sale of goods to the buyer has to solve a lot of routine tasks: accounting, marketing, contracts with contractors, delivery, registration of employees. And everything seems to be necessary, but it is unrealistic to undertake everything, and most importantly – the development of the business, the attention of customers does not remain time and effort.

The peculiarity of my online store is that it stores a lot of small products, from beads to luvers, small accessories. Have to watch for thousands of little things, with each client needs a different set of products, it is important to carefully collect orders, otherwise confusion may occur, buyers will be dissatisfied, and it is lost profits, negative feedback, losses and damaged reputation.


I have decided to automate everything I can to ensure that there is enough time for important tasks and attention to the client. I started with the payment, now it came to delivery. It shouldn’t be overlooked because it’s important for the customer to receive the package quickly. But since I’m not a logistician, it was difficult for me to immerse myself in all the details, and using a courier service to send a bag of beads is not beneficial to me or to customers. Yes, and this is not called automation. I started looking for a good courier delivery program.


Thinking about the customer: a delivery management program like a good backside.


In order to effectively organize courier delivery, programmes had to meet a number of my criteria:

  • efficiency of delivery;
  • the ability to call a courier at the right time without waiting;
  • the affordable cost of services to a wide range of customers;
  • the ability to track where the order is located;
  • responsible couriers.

I realized that if the courier delivery program meets these parameters – you can forget about the problems with sending orders to customers and deal with the main tasks.


YaCu delivery automation software


All these criteria are met by the YaCu delivery program. It registers couriers and customers. Once the customer has placed an order, the nearest courier is assigned to him. Each car in the program is visible online, the driver’s movement along the route can be monitored in real time.


It is very convenient that the delivery program can be downloaded free of charge for Android and iOS: without extra costs, you can make sure that the application has the right functionality for your business, covering all the needs.