Курьерская доставка

I thought my own showroom was a fashionable and perspective line of business. E-shops, joint ventures, and I will have a shop of exclusive clothing for the chosen ones, where the piece things from the brands will be presented. There will be no breakdowns from wealthy clients!

It is said – done. Agreed with the brands, celebrated the opening with animators, leaflets, champagne, in general, loudly announced itself. The first clients appeared, there were not many of them, but everyone with a good check. Losing one means losing a significant profit. And then there were problems.

Urgent courier delivery, and we are not ready…

Most customers who buy online order delivery, they do not want to come by themselves, but prefer to be brought in a few models, and they could try on and choose the most appropriate one. There aren’t many such orders – it wasn’t profitable to hire a courier to the state, especially for my small showroom.

However, I don’t want to lose them, because it’s a high profit in one trip. It is also a situation when a client wants to order delivery urgently, because he needs to put on a new outfit, for example, in 3 hours. What to do in such a situation? Leaving the showroom and missing customers who can come at this time, and go to the client on their own – did not really want to do this.

I tried to agree with the courier service of the larger stores in our shopping center for these one-time orders, but some did not agree to take on this, others called too high a cost of courier delivery.

The solution was found already when in despair I wanted to close the showroom – the service of delivery of parcels and goods YaCu.

Express delivery of goods to an important customer with YaCu

When I found out about the YaCu app, I immediately realized that it was the most appropriate solution in my situation – the courier delivery service in my smartphone. I downloaded and registered in the application as a customer, quickly place an order, choose the performer. The application immediately shows the cost of delivery, which is also very convenient.

At the right time, I receive the courier and deliver the parcel to the client. If necessary, the shipment can be very urgent – express delivery. Since each courier also has an application installed, it is possible to track the movement of the courier on the map to inform customers where their purchases are and after what time the courier will knock on their door. This approach: exclusive items, so the delivery of parcels should be at the highest level. Now all my clients are satisfied, there are more of them. I hope that the showroom will continue to do well.