Fullfilment is difficult for marketplaces, isn’t it?

Fullfilment is difficult for marketplaces, isn't it?

The number of new B2B solutions and platforms on the market is growing every day. Today there are more than a dozen solutions on the market. Each platform has its own business model and tools for its realization. The main idea is to automate trade processes ( but not only), as well as to convert “real” processes into virtual ones.

Gradually, e-commerce is becoming a real trend. A huge number of marketplaces we already know have appeared. Buyers have gone from shopping malls to online. So, for example, when their favorite yogurt runs out or they urgently need to buy an outfit for going out, all it takes is one click to order what they want – this is an example of the beautiful future of this trend. Fast delivery thanks to the logistical skilfulness of fullfilment services will make online shopping as fast and convenient as shopping in the nearest supermarket.

Not many marketplaces have their own logistics at the moment, but approximately 90% of wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers close this question by themselves. Working with marketplaces and other sales channels on one platform helps control all of the leftovers, the average receipt, the percentage of redemption and the delivery of orders.

But, like everywhere else, here are a number of technical and marketing points, which are key steps on the way to free sales on marketplaces using a single platform:

  1. A contractor is needed who works with product content. Descriptions, product features, photos, ratings, and anything else that can be aggregated in a product card. In a good way, this data needs to be up-to-date and in sync with other marketplaces. If you’re trading in a huge way, you’ll need a service or a system for managing product content.
  2. You still can’t do without developers to integrate with the marketplace (especially if you need to automatically load sales information into CRM- and ERP-systems).

YaCu and its delivery services will lend a “helping hand”, helping to avoid all the obstacles on the way to a well-functioning online commerce. They will also take care of storage, packaging and delivery of goods, help expand sales channels and reduce operating costs.

  • We will make your personal accounts on all the marketplaces and form the first delivery for you.
  • Solve all delivery problems: missing items, returns, etc.
  • We will organize the pickup from your suppliers or accept the goods at our warehouse
  • We will store and package your goods, handle returns and deliver orders to your customers.
  • We will take the goods from sale to delivery at the right time to any marketplace

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