How to organize express flower delivery on holidays in order to get maximum profit and reduce losses?

The flower business has its own features. Flowers are a perishable product; their sale period is much shorter than most food products. If a businessman is poorly oriented in this, there will be many losses. For example, they ordered a bouquet while the courier stood in a traffic jam for 5 hours in the heat, the appearance of the flowers deteriorated, the client refused to buy a withered bouquet. As a result, profits are lost.


The second feature is the seasonality of the business.  Flowers are not an essential good, therefore the flower shop receives the main profit on holidays: March 8, February 14, September 1, Teacher’s Day, etc.  This leads to the main problem: on holidays, courier flower delivery should work so well that all bouquets are delivered on time and customers were satisfied.


But there are many orders, and on such days there are difficulties:

  •  courier mixed bouquets due to high workload
  •  delivered it late
  •  it’s impossible to take more orders, because there is no one to deliver them

The result – negative reviews, lost profits.  How to avoid all these unpleasant consequences in order to get the maximum income on holidays:

  • contain their own courier service in the fleet
  • use courier delivery services, when it’s necessary

Holidays express delivery service

The staff of permanent couriers is an additional cost, because the store does not need their services regularly: on ordinary days one driver handles it.  But pay wages, make deductions and contributions from it, pay vacation pay, sick leave, you need to constantly.


Therefore, it is much more effective to get additional couriers at rush times, when there is a need. Such services are offered by specialized courier services on outsourcing.  But it is important to consider that the price of courier delivery from them can increase sharply during the holidays, because the demand for their services rises at this time.  It is more profitable to use express delivery YaCu.


Delivery service, how not to burn out?


Give preference to high-tech solutions: the delivery service YaCu combines all the capabilities of Uber and a convenient platform for managing and distributing orders:

  • you can take the number of couriers you need;
  • not  only your drivers will be able to work on your orders, but drivers  from outside too, if necessary – only your couriers will see your orders;
  • tasks are solved at a very high speed;
  • couriers work with the help of a mobile application, see the orders closest to them and decide for themselves who is more convenient, or the system automatically gives orders to the drivers closest to them;
  • convenient chat for each application customer-dispatcher-driver, SMS-informing: your customers will always know how many minutes they will bring the bouquet.  And if you attach a GPS / Glonass tracker to the system, you will get a complete courier delivery monitoring system and see in real time how your bouquets are moving!
  • if something happened to the car or the driver on the road, the system will reassign the executor, there is always a substitution.

Courier delivery in the city with the YaCu service is convenient and effective: all bouquets are delivered on time, no emergency calls and force majeure, and most importantly, customers are satisfied and profit is growing.  The cost of using YaCu is not comparable with the costs of even one regular courier.