The future is automation

The future is automation


Platform “Yacurier” allows you to automate the processes of your transport company. The product combines the monitoring of vehicles through a GPS tracker or smartphone driver and vehicle management by assigning applications to the car through the driver application. The driver, in turn, sees the entire route, contact details and comments in its application.

The platform works in a combination of personal account and mobile application for drivers or GPS / GLONASS tracker installed in the car. As a result, we obtain a system for distributing orders and building the optimal route by solving the classical transport problem, assigning applications for the driver in the application, a full-fledged system for monitoring transport, a customs clearance module, for passing state borders

How it works?

Suppose you have five tractors that go to intercity or international routes. You also have a warehouse, you are engaged in general cargo. 3 cars with different load-carrying capacity are attached to the warehouse: from 1.5 to 5 tons. Also you use attracted carriers for route deliveries.

Now your work looks like this: applications for long-distance transportation you receive via e-mail, sign and send back. You transfer the data to the driver, probably via Viber or send a request photo.

Further, responsible companies report the location of their machines to the client daily. And companies do not bother more simply: when the customer calls himself, then he will know where the car is. All this suggests that the quality of service provided to the client leaves much to be desired.

The transport business, like the construction business, is very conservative, it is difficult to change, but now is the time for that. We, as a transport company, offer our customers to create applications in the Yacurier platform.

For your part, it is necessary that all your drivers install the Yacurier Contractor application on their devices. The logist in the private office should tie these machines to the company, it is very simple and intuitively clear, there is an instruction. Now you have a complete platform for managing your rolling stock.

The logist can:

  • see the movement of all cars on the map;
  • create applications and assign them their cars;
  • indicate comments or write messages, and the driver will see all of this and the constructed route on the map in his application;
  • monitor the movement of vehicles within the route;
  • your customer can create a request through the application or personal account, and you assign your car to it, thus it will, like you, see the route and the car on it.

This can be done without additional investments, all that is needed is the installed application “Yacurier Singer” on the phone at the driver. In this case, it is through this device that the coordinates are transmitted.

But we can install the GPS / GLONNAS tracker in the car or reconnect what you already have so that it works with our software. Then you will receive full monitoring with all the data on the car, its speed, speed, fuel consumption, etc.

Improve the quality of work, increase customer loyalty, work on the service – today only this way you can stand out from the competition! Such investments will more than pay off in just a few months of work. months

 City delivery

In the case of urban delivery, we solve the classical transport problem. We have developed a mathematical algorithm in which the optimization of route delivery is laid.

If you need to deliver a certain amount of groupage cargo, your own and attracted cars, they all work within the same Yacurier platform, and the Yacurier Executor mobile app is installed for the drivers.

You can load 10, 20, 1000 delivery addresses, and the system will automatically distribute the entire volume between the standard machines and build an optimal route for each one, while the driver will see all the information about the route in his application.

If there is more cargo than cars, the system will form lots for popular car sizes. And you can assign attracted cars. At the same time, if any car broke down – it is possible to send a request to all registered performers of your city with one click.

Here you definitely save on unnecessary runs and speed for processing routes. We can integrate with your CRM by API or offer a module for 1C.

You can use the Yacurier platform and for one-time deliveries, the system can be configured so that the application will automatically go to the driver nearest to the loading point.

Together with our partners Eurotransit, we have implemented a module for international transport.

We have done a great job and connected many of the largest companies that are engaged in the electronic clearance of all customs procedures, including the electronic transit declaration ETD / EPI and T1 / T2, preliminary informing, certification, insurance, booking of border crossing time.

All that is needed for this is to upload the relevant documents to the system, such as CMR, invoice and TTP. All necessary information will be transmitted to the driver via SMS or e-mail.

We are actively developing a franchise model. Today, 5 cities are open, preparing for the opening as many more. You can become a partner too!

You will earn:

  • on aggregation of applications. This works on the principle of a taxi, we write off 15% of the contractor’s balance on the cost of each delivery. It can be courier and cargo delivery;
  • selling cloud software to optimize the transportation department;
  • on connecting to the vehicle monitoring system.

In addition to the extensive basic functionality, our company can add and automate any of your process related to logistics.

Cases of our partners:


  1. Monitoring of own transport in one platform with the possibility of assigning applications for the driver. Condition: the route must take into account the arrival at certain gas stations with fixing the amount of fuel filled. If refueling does not occur, a notification is sent to the operator.
  1. There are many dynamically emerging collection points in Europe. Task: to automatically distribute them between the fleet, taking into account the overall weight characteristics and minimum mileage. Provided that cars enter Europe too dynamically.
  1. Automatic distribution of orders among a limited range of attracted transport. Condition: the application leaves the truck nearest to the loading point.

About us

The developer of the project “Yacurier”, is the company GR-Logistics – 3pl-operator with 10 years of experience in international logistics and delivery of groupage cargo throughout Russia. We have our own fleet, warehouse complex and provide a full package of services: from processing and safekeeping to customs clearance of cargo. The project “Yacurier” is a finalist of the correspondence accelerator of the IIDF and the national prize “Business Success”.