The final

The final

It took 10 weeks accelerator from Sberbank + 500. During this time we became friends with the teams and became one big working organism that digs a hoof in search of growth points! And the axel contributes to this! Since we were the first set, I wanted to tell you about this event.


  • Make the best program can only the best. Sber and 500 such are. Only they have the proper amount of money and expertise.
    The final
  • The platform in the best ideas about start-up life: scooters, rockers, deck chairs, talks, coffee and cookies – without limitation).
  • The program is fire! international level, worthy trackers. Every day something new, something always does not have time) I didn’t send the Fin Docks, I didn’t sign up for the EIR, so you finish everything at the lecture. And the most important thing is that the whole process does not look zayuzanny to the holes and all representatives perceive it as a project, and not as a trip to work. So it was in FRIA. Even in zaochka it was felt.
  • Commands. At first I thought that many teams are not even worthy of being on the court, I was wrong! Not one liner speaks about the project, but only the team! All intelligent, with his opinion and great experience!

Disadvantages: Only one, I did not have enough communication with Russian interpriners. About live examples, about the market, insiders and cases, about tricks against competitors, how to sell and how not to break.

The program is over! Cry … cry …

Final pitch!

The finalFor the last 3 weeks I have been preparing my pitch without end. I stayed on the court until the morning. I presented to the 20th mentors. After each presentation, I received feedback and went to redo it. It came to the point of absurdity, but all for the sake of one goal! Make the perfect pitch.

We ruthlessly chopped up the text and pulled out all the salt from our project. And it is extremely difficult to fit about everything in 2 minutes.

We had training in public speaking about how to behave on stage and how to interact with the audience. And when Gref, Khasis, Mamut, Filev and Latsanich sit on the jury, it becomes harder).

The result was interest in our product from companies such as: Yandex Beru, Severstal, Ascona, CarPrice, Lamoda and Letual. And this is not just a business card exchange, this is a conversation about a pilot with top management. In the following posts I will tell you exactly how we are interested in them.