The 21st century is in your pocket. Applications that have changed our live

The 21st century is in your pocket.  Applications that have changed our live


Mobile applications make life of modern people much easier, making it more comfortable and high-tech, automated. Today they are already available for almost everything:

  • the smartphone can control your health status, gives recommendations on physical activity and sleep;
  • at the necessary time turns into a TV remote control;
  • can control security systems and smart home from anywhere in the world where the Internet is available.

In today’s medical centers, patient records are stored in the cloud, accessed by the client through a mobile application and, without having to go to the hospital, makes an appointment to see a doctor, finds out the results of tests, downloads prescriptions and assignments. Soon, future mothers in our country will be registered and control the course of pregnancy through a smartphone. Which apps have changed our live beyond recognition – this will be the subject of discussion.

Top 3 most popular applications

  1. Messengers. Today, no one is surprised by them, but at the moment of their appearance they made a real breakthrough in fast Internet communication. They have covered the needs of those people who could not afford to call their loved ones abroad because of the very high rates of cellular communication. At one point, voice messages even replaced phone calls. And today Viber, Skype, Telegram, WhatsApp remain at the peak of popularity.
  2. Mobile banking applications. With their appearance, we no longer waste our time queuing at the bank offices to pay for utilities, transfer money, pay for purchases in an online store or simply control the flow of money on the account. They also remind us that the time has come to make a payment on a loan or mortgage and provide greater security for banking operations.
  3. Applications for quick taxi calls: Yandex. Taxi, Uber. Wherever you are, one click on the button and the nearest taxi arrives quickly. This is especially useful on holidays, peak hours when operators are busy. You don’t need to call, explain how to get to you and wait for an unknown number of cars. Point A and point B, the application immediately shows the price, which will not change if the driver does not look at you that way.


Fast delivery applications

Not everybody yet knows and uses the capabilities of the applications for delivery. And they can make life much easier. There are situations when:

  • I remembered at the last moment that I need to congratulate someone and give them a gift or a bouquet;
  • It is necessary to order delivery of food, and the institution does not have free couriers
  • It is necessary to hand over the documents urgently, and the regular courier is already on the way out;
  • It is necessary to transport furniture or something bulky, for which you need loaders and transport.

With these and many other problems will help to cope with the mobile application for the delivery of YaCu.

Download application: delivery and more

YaCu is the whole courier service in your smartphone. Delivery through the application takes a minimum of time because your order is delivered to the nearest courier, and in the application there are thousands of them. To take advantage of all the possibilities, you just need to download the application for delivery, register quickly and place an order.

You can use the application to deliver food, goods, products, flowers, parcels and other purposes: it can be used to order moving with the services of loaders or hire a courier for urgent delivery of documents.

With our mobile app, shipping becomes a task of just a few clicks on your smartphone’s touch buttons!

YaCu – absolutely free application, it can be downloaded by anyone, it is available for Android and iOS. With it, you get automation of delivery services, and thus guaranteed time and cost savings.

If you need courier services not for personal needs, but for the needs of the business, you are guaranteed to save more than 30%, compared to the content of the courier in the state or attraction to these tasks of an ausorsing company. No longer need to look for someone to entrust delivery and spend time on it – just download YaCu!