I want a hot burger! Express delivery versus the laws of physics

курьеркая доставка еды

Everyone wants a hot fresh burger for lunch, and not a chilled cutlet with a cold bun, which was brought 3 hours after the lunch break. A burger-cafe, pizzeria today at every corner: once you allow yourself this, and the client will not come again.

Food service companies are very familiar with the problem of food delivery. The order needs to be delivered very quickly, and at lunchtime a real time pressure is going on.


It would seem that if the institution has so many orders, then the problem can be solved by expanding the regular courier service. But it is not profitable for any restaurant, burger or cafe to contain more drivers than cooks. How to deliver the burger to the client is still warm yet – this will be discussed.

Staff courier or food delivery service?

If the logistics in the restaurant is “lame”, then the courier delivery of meals around the city takes a lot of time.  No one canceled traffic jams at lunchtime, drivers may not be able to cope with the amount of orders.  Result:

  • the client is forced to wait, because of this he leaves for another institution;
  • dissatisfied customers leave negative feedback;
  • a decrease in the number of orders leads to a loss of profit.

Nevertheless, the courier is not a magician, and he cannot find himself in several places at once, you have to choose: deliver fewer burgers, but warm, or more, but cooled down.  How to deal with the owner of a burger or fast food chain in such a situation? There is a solution – use an efficient food delivery service.

Courier delivery and cost of mistake

If you choose outsourcing of courier delivery services, then there is no guarantee that their logistics will withstand the load from your restaurant.  If the outsourcer fails, the consequences will be the same, and the cost of their mistakes will inevitably affect the income of the restaurant.


High costs cannot be avoided also because such companies willingly raise courier delivery prices during peak hours. When choosing outsourcing, you still do not know how long your customers will have to wait for their burgers.

We are convinced: courier delivery should be as transparent as possible for the client and for the restaurant.  Therefore, the optimal solution for a catering establishment is the courier delivery service YaCu:

  • a restaurant can attract as many couriers as it needs;
  • he can work only with his drivers, couriers who have a positive rating or transferorders to all the executors working in the system;
  • work occurs through a convenient mobile application;
  • the system automatically transfers the order to the nearest driver;
  • convenient chat, SMS-informing allows the client and the restaurant to always be aware of where the order is and when it will be delivered. Fewer calls – higher institution performance.

And if you install a GPS tracker or Glonass – you will get a complete monitoring system and you can watch online how your burgers are moving to customers who will contact you again!