Holland Flowers

Holland Flowers

Holland Flowers

TG is a leader in the retail sale of flowers. Turning to us, the Company wanted to solve two problems:

1. Delivery of bouquets through our couriers.

2. Get a system in which such delivery will be automated.

Cooperation took place in several visits. We were given one store to sample and set strict requirements for delivery times, appearance and how the bouquet should be delivered, how to lie during transportation. All this was recorded in each application that the courier takes. Applications came by phone, and our operator started the system. We did very well.

When we decided to give all the shops one day, to put it mildly, we got into a puddle and the work was like a game from Electronics, when the wolf catches eggs, the penultimate level. After working this way for a week, we were invited to the office and showed the graphics, they did not please anyone and said that cooperation was complete.

Redistributed the couriers and, as in the production of apple, threw all the RAM on the solution of the current problem, to get a second chance! After a month of tests, we justified the fact that we can close applications in advance, for 15 minutes, in the early morning or late at night. After that we went to the issue of integration.

The client does all the work in 1s. Requests for delivery can come through the form on the website or be created in the store, but all after 1s. The task was to collect the necessary information, full name, delivery address, time, and all according to our rules. I pressed the button and the application should be spilled out into the system Yacurier, so that the performers could be assigned to it immediately. Thank us for a special module for 1c, thanks to them, for adequate programmers on their side)

As soon as the contractor takes the order, the system emphasizes in 1c to the client about the change in the status of the order. The client come SMS informing with the name and number of the designated artist. Now we are working to ensure that the person who ordered the bouquet received an SMS with confirmation when the performer delivers the bouquet and changes the order status in his application.