Food delivery application: well-fed office – loyal customer

Food delivery application: well-fed office - loyal customer

I am a cook with 20 years of experience.  Best of all in life, I can cook, and so I opened my own institution, in which we make very tasty ready-made meals.  There are many customers, everyone is happy, they are still contacting, transferring contacts to friends and acquaintances, they began to conclude contracts with large companies for the constant delivery of ready meals to offices.  It would seem to be a success, but it was for the time being.  The key problem was delivery.

How to solve the problem with the delivery of ready meals?

The thing is that every new client is a new route.  At lunchtime, rush hours actually need a new driver for each order.  And this is a significant additional cost.  I began to figure out how to solve the problem, plunged into logistics issues, and studied how competitors do.  But there was no solution: too short a time interval – lunch hours, during which all customers need to have time to part orders still warm, otherwise they will, roughly speaking, not be needed.  Here, at least have time to prepare all the orders, and not think about delivery …


But I had to solve this problem, and while I was dealing with this issue, the café business did not go so well.  Some contracts did not reach the signing, the offices have already found someone to order dinners.  I realized that it won’t go any further, and I must do what I can do – food, and couriers should deliver it so that everything goes as quickly as possible there should be a lot of them, but keeping them on staff is not profitable.  This means outsourcing, and if the company specializes in transportation services, therefore, it will have professional software – a program for delivery routes and everything will arrive to customers quickly, they will be satisfied.


Free and tasteful delivery program

But I very quickly abandoned the idea of ​​cooperation with outsourcing transport companies, because their services turned out to be significant costs, which, as it turned out later, were not necessary.  A more effective solution was found.  I opted for the YaCu goods delivery program.  This is a multifunctional platform in which many couriers work.  We registered our own there, if they are not enough, we give orders to others.


It is enough to upload the addresses to your personal account on the site, set the delivery window and the program, distribute them among regular couriers and build the optimal route, the couriers will see it in the application. And if there are more addresses than regular couriers, the system will complete phantom routes that can close YaCu couriers. At the same time, I always see who delivered the order and at what time. Customers are satisfied, the number of orders is growing. The product delivery application YaCu helped us solve all the problems, and I decided for myself that if you deal with several things at the same time, then you won’t do anything normally. Automation frees up time for the core business. You can deal with important business tasks without being distracted by routine tasks.


The delivery program itself can be downloaded for free for Android, iOS or register in your account on the site. If the client needs delivery – in the application you can order it in a few clicks. Couriers see a new task and immediately respond. But in addition to these functions, the program has many more features, it completely covers the business needs for efficient logistics.