Cargo transportation Program – Killer downtime

Cargo transportation Program - Killer downtime

I have a small transport company, engaged in cargo transportation.  We always tried to reduce costs, optimize logistics through automation, high-tech solutions, so we were looking for a delivery program to help do this.  But to achieve the desired result is not something that did not work out, but it only got worse all the time.

Engaged in analytics, began to identify problems.  It turned out that the matter is about personnel who are not interested in the success of the company, are not ready to work for a common cause, and only thinks about their own benefit: how to work less and earn more.  In an attempt to optimize costs, we decided to pay our drivers actually hours worked.  But in practice, it turned out that the driver himself chooses the route and is interested in standing in traffic, and not looking for an effective way to deliver the goods faster.


Why would he do his job if he could stand idle and get paid for it?  As a result, we began to lose customers and profits: they began to go to competitors who delivered goods faster, thanks to various systems, that build the optimal route – programs for logisticians and couriers.


How to establish logistics, when the driver is not ready for this?

As soon as we realized all this, we began to look for a way out.  It became clear that we need some kind of special program for cargo transportation, which will help to track the actually spent time on the road and show the optimal routes, how to quickly go around the traffic jam.  It was also important that the driver’s work could be controlled, to exclude a personal interest in working worse.


We needed the courier to choose the most efficient way in the program for delivery routes, and not the one along which you could pick up the child at school, deliver the mother-in-law package, go home and solve a lot of personal matters, or just stand in a traffic jam, take a nap, have a bite  and earn more.


We were familiar with the problem of the human factor, because one could often hear from drivers: “I’ve been driving for a hundred years and I know how to get there faster without any navigators and other things.”  Even those who did not put self-interest in the forefront made logistical errors due to their personal misconception about the right route.  They relied on their experience, not on objective data.  It was important to exclude this.


A program for logisticians which make everything  transparent

The solution was found when we learned about the possibilities of a mobile application for logisticians, drivers YaCu, and this program is also perfect for a cargo dispatcher.

The driver installs it on his smartphone and sees the most convenient way, how to deliver faster and go around traffic jams.  Some of our regular customers who do not have a clear delivery schedule have also installed this application and create orders through it.  Our nearest driver takes him to work, and the client sees how the cargo moves to him.  In fact, now all delivery is carried out through the YaCu application, tracking orders and their implementation has become much easier.


As a result, now, at the same time, our drivers perform more deliveries, the efficiency has increased several times.  And most importantly, the customers are satisfied and calm, if something is urgently needed, we can say up to the minute when their cargo arrives.  In addition to the delivery application, we equipped the fleet with GPS trackers and see in real time how drivers move around the map.  No one else sleeps in traffic jams!