Become a YaCu dealer

Become a YaCu dealer

Hey, friend! We invite you to become a dealer of the YaCu platform.

We are actively developing in two directions:

First: software product for automatization of courier delivery.

  • personal account for creating orders and monitoring the movement of their couriers;
  • mobile application for couriers with built-in online cash registers;
  • an algorithm for building optimal routes;
  • our own couriers, who can execute orders if the amount of your couriers is not enough;
  • open API channel and integration with any CRM

Second: courier delivery, as express delivery day in a day for 3 hours, especially relevant in our time, and the classic next day delivery through the fullfilment center, with all related services (storage, packaging, etc.)

Become our partner in the fast-growing logistics automation market.

Dealer Certificate. Free training. Stable income.

The YaCu dealer program is an opportunity to create a business with a constantly growing income, based on a subscription model, in a market that is growing by 200% per year.

We invite you to cooperation

  • Transport monitoring companies;
  • Internet marketing agencies;
  • Companies to implement crm;
  • Ambitious teams looking for their niche.

YaCu is already optimized for work in Russia, Europe and America. To start your business you do not need any investments, except the organization of sales.

We provide comfortable work for the dealer.

  • We provide a package of marketing materials;
  • Providing training for staff to work with the system;
  • Conducting sales training;
  • We consult the dealer’s specialists;
  • We provide technical support to users in Russian and English.