Delivery Order and Track via YaCu App

Do you want to pick up a present or buy flowers,it’s not an issue at all. You can do it at the best price in town using Yacurier. In no time you’ll find contractors who will transport your sofa to the countryside at a favourable price.

You just need to order a contractor by downloading app or filling out the request form on our website in a field “place an order”. Put your own delivery cost and Yacurier service will automatically appoint you the nearest contractor.

The contractor’s movement can be monitored via tracker in real time. Pay by card or cash. The invoice will be sent on your e-mail.

The estimated cargo value, the one you indicated in the appropriate field is freezed until the complete delivery so there’s no need to worry about. However, bear it in mind that you shouldn’t put extremely high cost, because contractor may lack this amount and requests won’t be appointed.

And a particular highlight is speed as other courier services deliver correspondence the following day while Yacurier contractors will do it within an hour.