App for Couriers

We offer an extremely wide range of requests. Pedestrians, taxi drivers, students, light trucks owners and just funny people, who are ready to spend their free time and speed to carry out some courier tasks-you are welcome!
If you want to become “Yacurier” mobile app contractor, you’ll need a mobile app Android with internet access.

Sign-up process takes no longer than 2 minutes:

  • You should download app
    Download app on Google Play
  • Install them to your mobile device
  • To register
  • Top your balance
  • After having registered and your personal data processing, our HR manager will contact you.

After registration you get a personal account. Every time the assignment is done, a 15% fee will be deducted from the delivery total.

The same amount on your personal account is an insurance one at delivery. During the delivery, the estimated cargo amount freezes on your account.

Clients pay in cash for the delivery.

4 ways of payment are available:
1. The request initiator is a sender who directly pays for the delivery.
2. The request initiator is a receiver thus a cost estimation you get after the delivery.
3. The delivery initiator is a sender, but after the delivery he has to return all the accompanying documents confirming the fact of delivery to the office. In this case, the cost estimation is made at the sender’s office after delivery.
4. The request involves payment by bank transfer and the funds are credited straight to your balance.

You can work any time you like, the main thing is to have a positive balance. You can do it on the way to work or returning from studies, or you can use it as the main way of income.

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at